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Holidays, meetings, get-togethers in the archipelago

Hostel Panget offers brisk sea wind, delicious meals and cosy rooms in the heart of the beautiful archipelago, close to the Gullkrona inlet. Panget is situated in the village of Dragsfjärd, in the Municipality of Kimito Island.

Panget was built in 1930 to be a boarding house, where Swedish-speaking Finns used to spend the summers before summer cottages and villas became more common. When walking along the corridors of Panget you will feel that era.

Panget - accommodation for everyone

The main building has
• seven double rooms
• seven family rooms

For summer use Panget can also offer 5 places for trailers.

Panget opened up renovated in May 2011. The main building was renovated during the winter 2010 - 2011. The new hostel keepers wish you warmly welcome and make sure that you will enjoy your stay – be it holidays, get-togethers or meetings in the archipelago.

We will be happy to arrange all kinds of events, such as anniversaries, family get-togethers, confirmation camps, business events and meetings according to your wishes. Please ask us for an offer as early as possible.

We also tailor packages for families and groups that love archipelago and sea – with respect to the nature. Panget also is a popular accommodation for school camps.

Welcome to Panget for holidays, get-togethers or meetings, by car or by boat!

For more information:
Municipality of Kimito Island




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